Sport insoles

Our sports insoles are made with advanced materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the necessary support during your training sessions and competitions. Ergonomically designed, our insoles provide exceptional cushioning and balanced pressure distribution, reducing the risk of injury and increasing performance with every step.

Whether you play running, soccer, basketball, tennis or other sports, our sports insoles are designed to fit your specific needs. We offer insoles with features like shock absorption, stability, odor control, and breathability, to ensure an optimal experience in the sport you love.

At Cairon Plantillas, we are passionate about providing you with quality and long-lasting products. Our sports insoles are built to withstand constant wear and tear for long-lasting performance. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to focus on your training without worrying about caring for your insoles.

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Insole Curly

Adaptable to any shoe.

Price €2.90

Bacteodor Insole

Great ally against the sweat of your feet and bad odors.

Price €3.48

Carbolatex Insole

Insole with bactericidal power acting against odor and sweat.

Price €5.08

Foam Pad Insole

Provides support and sanitizes your footwear.

Price €6.53

Thermoformed Insole

Contribution of maximum comfort for your sports shoes.

Price €5.08

Polartex Insole

They are ideal for anyone susceptible to the cold.

Price €4.90

Yutemusg insole

Absorbent, relaxing and deodorant.

Price €6.29

Decainnova Insole

Anatomical insole of great comfort.

Price €16.26

Prosport Insole

Designed for relief with high impact exercise.

Price €8.83

Memory Insole

Great template for every day.

Price €9.08

Desodor Insole

Convenient, hygienic and comfortable.

Price €4.11

Insole Curl Sport

Low impact insole for sports. Sanitize your sneakers.

Price €3.19